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Comprehensive primary care house calls program & care for the whole person

  • Physician Home and Virtual appointments
  • Longer appointments/Shorter wait times
  • Same/next business day appointments as needed
  • Priority and direct access to your care team
  • Referrals to specialists, home care services, in-home x-ray, labs etc.
  • 24/7 access your medical chart through UCSF MyChart
  • Invitation to educational programs and community building events
  • Behind the scenes care coordination to ensure continuity of care
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)

You get the convenience of a medical doctor evaluation in the comfort of your home with direct access to your care team.

Our whole person approach empowers individuals and families with skills, tools and resources to employ services otherwise inaccessible to them. Clients have direct access to the healthcare team and 24/7 access to the UCSF Health patient portal. We triage and our team can provide same or next appointments (home visits, video or office visits) as needed. We also use secure texting to allow for easy communication.

Flexible care access and communication options include:

  • Home visits
  • Office visits
  • Telehealth (Video, phone)
  • Secure texting for non-urgent issues
  • My Health Online – UCSF patient portal 
  • Primary care consults and house calls: well, preventative and sick care visits
  • Chronic Illness Management and Care Coordination 
  • Evaluation and treatment of non-emergent illness
  • Evaluation of symptoms such as cough, depression, managing diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, dementia, urinary tract infection, failure to thrive, debility and decline, fall(s), allergies, bruising, bed sores, diarrhea, constipation, sore throat, conjunctivitis, rash, weight loss, constipation, ear wax impaction etc.
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Physicals and some vaccines
  • Physician face-to-face visit for Home Health or other qualifying service
  • Form completion
  • Evaluation for placement
  • Change in condition or change in mental status
  • Disability placard evaluation
  • Follow up after discharge from the emergency room or the hospital
  • We leverage technology and digital health to augment your care with virtual visits via phone and video to supplement your care and follow ups.
  • Meet with your doctor without coming to our offices using tele-medicine.
  • If you have an appointment, then click here for Dr. Padam or here for Dr. Sangwan to enter the waiting room.

How is a tele-visit billed?

Most private insurance providers will cover tele-visits. Tele-visits are billed according to your insurance company’s billing standards for tele-medicine just like an office visit. Most commercial plans provide coverage for tele-visits. If we accept your insurance (we accept most), we will bill your insurance company directly, like any other office visit. As usual, you will be responsible for any co-payments due.

Why UCSF Health Zoom

UCSF Zoom is a HIPAA compliant service which ensures that your personal information is protected and secure.  You should use Zoom for fast access for non-critical needs, such as prescription refills, a follow-up appointment, an answer to a health question, or urgent treatment for minor illness like the flu or an infection.

How to use UCSF Health Zoom to see the doctor

Call our office first to schedule an appointment for the televisit

  1. You can schedule an tele-visit during typical office hours when you need something, but can’t come to our office.
  2. Click on the link you received. Follow the use of the camera & microphone on your device.
  3. You will enter the waiting room and then meet with the doctor once once they are ready to meet with you. 

You will be connected to the doctor via 2-way video from your computer or smartphone. The doctor will ask you questions to diagnose your condition, answer any questions you may have, and, if needed, send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy electronically.

How about new patients?

Patients new to our practice can also been seen via tele-visit for minor medical issues requiring immediate attention. We expect a follow-up visit with a physical visit via a home visit or our office if the member is able to come in. 

What can be treated?

The doctor can treat a wide range minor, non-critical conditions such as a sore-throat, cold & cough, allergies, rashes, pink-eyes, sinus, urinary issues, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn via tele-visit.

You can also use tele-visit for follow-up consultations, to renew prescriptions, and for general questions about any medical issue you may have.

In some cases the doctor may ask you to physically come to the office or schedule a home visit, if she feels that a physical exam is needed. For a higher level of care, you may be asked to go to urgent care or the Emergency Room if needed. 

What about prescriptions?

The doctor will send your prescription electronically and directly to your preferred pharmacy. You do not have to come to the office to pick up the prescription.

What cannot be treated

Tele-visit should not be used for emergency situations requiring immediate medical attention. If your condition is life-threatening please call 911 to get immediate medical attention.

In some cases, the doctor may ask you to come to the office or (home visit if homebound) for a physical exam if they feel it is needed.

In concert with your specialists and therapists, we routinely treat Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity, Dementia, Bed Sores to name a few. We coordinate with your specialist(s), therapist(s) and other service providers to help manage your care. Many chronic illnesses can be augmented with lifestyle changes to include activity, nutrition, addressing mental health challenges, stress management and socialization. Our whole person approach treats the person and not just the disease in a non-judgmental and a compassionate way.

Care Coordination may include connecting our clients with community resources and mobilize additional qualifying services. When appropriate, we can refer to non-emergency mobilize services such as mobile x-ray (comes to where you live), laboratory for blood work or urine samples, wound care, durable medical equipment (hospital bed, portable oxygen etc), refer and coordinate with specialists and other services (home health, palliative care, hospice) as needed. With the addition of CCM services, we are able to provide even enhanced care to coordinate your care, help communicate the plan of care and care plan oversight.

Triage and Referrals

We triage your concern to determine which course of action may be recommended for you.  For example, symptoms such as for cough or bladder infections can usually be evaluated and work up can be initiated at home. There may be symptoms for which we need to refer you to urgent care or the emergency room. 

Some conditions and symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, intractable vomiting, high fever, dehydration, lethargy or change in mental status, sudden weakness are a few examples of life threatening conditions which may need an evaluation in the Emergency Room or need to call 911.

We help facilitate discussions regarding your medical and home care based on your goals and wishes and to help advocate for consistent treatment options based on your preferences. We believe that the Goals of Care discussions are a part of treatment plan and therefore we review them from time to time to reflect your expressed treatment intensity.

This may include Advance Directive and Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) review, update, discussion and completion. Our goal is to help you receive medical treatment and care that is consistent with your wishes. We can also help facilitate discussions regarding difficult topics to include other team or family members.