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Meet our award winning doctors and our extended team – In affiliation with UCSF Health

Our Physicians and team members care deeply about their patients immediate and long-term health.  Without question, our we are determined to provide the care and services necessary to ensure that each patient is treated well.


Our mission is to ensure accessible and compassionate healthcare for homebound or home-limited individuals by delivering high-quality medical services and access to care through home visits. 


Our purpose is to address the unique healthcare needs of homebound patients who face challenges in accessing traditional medical care. We are committed to bringing medical expertise and personalized attention directly to our patients’ homes, promoting their comfort, convenience, and overall well-being. Through our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, we aim to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical services, including diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care. Our ultimate goal is to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for homebound patients, empowering them to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is that we will define the future of health care delivery for those who need it the most and deliver evidence based Primary Care harnessing the principles of Applied Compassion and set the standard for Compassion as Medicine in health innovation, always placing patients and their families in the center. We aim to improve the well-being and quality of life of patients and communities by delivering innovative, compassionate, patient-and family-centered health care, enriched by education, science, and technology. 

Our Approach 

We harness the power of technology and innovation in order to personalize our approach. We are skilled at managing chronic illness and improve quality of life for the homebound or home-limited. Our care is:

  • Evidence-Based
  • Compassion-Driven
  • Service-Oriented

Our Care Coordination Model

Home-Based Medicine Program is concierge Primary Care program for our home-bound or home-limited clients through San Mateo Primary Care and Apollo Health Care Center in affiliation with UCSF Health. We accept insurances and medicare, and usual co-pays may apply for all appointment types. We charge a yearly convenience/membership fee that might be HSA and FSA deductible and is not covered by insurance.

To provide comprehensive services that are typically needed, we coordinate care behind the scenes outside of the usual appointment times the Chronic Conditions Management program allows us to be able to create individual plans that are communicated with those involved in patient’s care. See examples of what we do behind the scenes outside of a scheduled appointment.